Wake Peak Filter
Photometry Filter
Description Performs photometric scattering with the ray-tracing engine.
Threaded Yes
Memory Usage Heavy
Stream Support Yes
Added In 0.3.0

Wake Peak Filter

This is a simple filter intended to isolate the location of wake peaks in the two types of output data output by the ring simulation code of Mark Lewis. The input should be either a spatial binned file or a particle binned file, or something else the mimics the structure of these files. The output will be data elements with one value for the Y location of the slice and one value for the X location of the peak.


You get to specify what type of data the input is, whether it is spatially binned or particle binned. After that you specify a threshold. This is how far above the baseline a point must reach before it is considered a peak. Next you can specify the baseline or tell it -1 in which case it will calculate the baseline. Lastly, you need to give formulas for the radial and azimuthal coordinates as well as the optical depth or other formula.

Technically this filter fits a quadratic function to find local maxima in groups and can probably be used for such purposes, but for general filtering of that nature the Bax Car Filter is generally a better choice. The plot below shows a surface of the form (cos(x+y)+1)*(sin(y/5)) for x and y ranging from 0 to 5*PI. The dark points were located by the filter to be maxima.

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