To help people learn SwiftVis we have created a number of tutorials.

Gentle Introduction

  1. Basic Example
  2. Plotting Data from a Text File
  3. Elements and Formulas
  4. Data Filtering
  5. Data Output Methods
  6. Introduction to 2D Plotting Techniques
  7. Introduction to 3D Plotting Techniques

Data Sources

Sources are one of the three major components that goes into building a SwiftVis graph. As the name might imply, sources simply provide a set of data that may be operated on by filters and sinks. Most sources pull information from files, but they don't have to; for example, the Sequence source simply provides a set of equally-spaced values between two points. Understanding the roles of different data sources can lead to simplifying and streamlining data processing.



2D Plotting

3D Plotting


Tips and Tricks

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