Movie Filter

Movie Filter

Short Description: Selects small sections of an input one piece after another to make a movie.
Threaded: No
Memory Usage: Light
Supports Streams: Somewhat. Advancing is based only on first stream. Other streams need to have data of the same length and grouping.

This filter is designed so that people can easily view many "slices" through a given dimension of a data set. The most standard usage is to use groups with the grouping value being time to watch the evolution of a system. However, the groups can be done on anything the data set is sorted on and groups do not have to be used. The user can specify the number of elements/groups to take and how many elements/groups to advance with each step. If the number to take is zero, the filter will be cumulative, meaning that it will take all elements up to the current location.

The user can control what part of the data set is seen by clicking a button to bring up a control panel. There is also a button that will take you do a dialog for making a movie. This option will advance through the data set and for each step it will generate and save an image.

Getting It Together

After rendering the images using the Movie Filter, they can be put together into an .avi using mencoder on a linux system with the following command:

mencoder "mf://movie.*.png" -mf fps=10 -o movie.xvid.avi -ovc xvid -xvidencopts fixed_quant=10
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