Matrix Filter
Matrix Filter
Description Applies a matrix transformation to subsets of input data
Threaded Yes
Memory Usage Heavy, creates new elements
Stream Support No
Added In 0.3.0


This filter can be used to apply matrix transformations to vectors created from input data. It includes options for both symmetric and rotational matrices, and any operation can be composed with any number of rotations to form a composition of transformations. Entries of a matrix can be numbers or general formulas.

Custom Input Vectors

Since the user may not necessarily like to apply a transformation to all input values, the filter allows for any number of input vectors to be created from the input data, for which the user may assign a universal length and a minimum index range.


All input vectors have the same length, and the number of rows in the matrix will always match this value.

Matrix Options

The Matrix Filter includes options for all types of matrices. The number of columns in the matrix is open to the user. If the number of columns is greater or smaller than the number of rows, the output data will be sized accordingly.


Symmetric Fills

If the "Use Square Matrix" option is checked, the number of columns will be set to the number of rows in the matrix and its input field will be locked. Using a square matrix will enable the buttons for symmetric fills and rotations. The "Fill Symmetrically" button will copy the entries in the lower diagonal portion of the matrix and fill the upper diagonal portion accordingly.



The "Add Rotation" button allows the user to apply a rotation from any axis to another by a given angle of rotation (in radians).


The rotation is applied to the matrix in its current form. This allows for multiple matrix transformations to be composed together, all in one matrix filter.


Tutorials Including the Matrix Filter

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