Count Rebinning Filter
Count Rebinning Filter
Description Recalculates bins to get consistent counts.
Threaded No
Memory Usage Medium-Heavy
Stream Support No
Added In —-

Count Rebinning Filter

This filter takes binned data and rebins it based on some count. The objective is to get roughly the same "count" in each bin. This filter was being created to work with fixed binned data when particle binned data is really more what is needed. The idea is that each bin in the fixed binned data has a count of how many particles were in it. The user can tell this filter how many particles he/she would like to have in each bin as an output and the incoming bins will be bunched together to try to accomplish this. The values will be combined with a weighted average and they will respect normal group bounds.

The splitCounts boolean tells the filter whether it should effectively split counts across two bins. So if it gets to an input bin with a count of 10 and only 2 more are needed to reach the desired count limit, if this is true, it will put the value in the first output bin with a weight of 2 and the second output bin with a weight of 8. Otherwise it will put all 10 in the first output bin and start counting again for the next one.

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